When did you join Fareportal and what’s your job title? 

I joined Fareportal on March 31, 2015 as the Vice President of Vendor Procurement.

What did you do before joining Fareportal? 

Prior to joining Fareportal, I spent six years at Adecco Group North America as Head of Procurement where I lead strategic intiatives, procurement, real estate, and facilities management.

Do you have any special training that’s relevant for your role? 

I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and for the better part of 30 years, I have worked in various IT roles. I started out as an IT programmer and I later moved into various management roles within the IT world. Back in 1997, I began my first real experience in vendor outsourcing as a provider of services and built several large offshore facilities in India and Ireland. I then went on to sourcing and procurement roles at NYSE, JPMorgan Chase, and Adecco.

What are your main responsibilities and how do they tie into Fareportal’s mission? 

I have several global responsibilities at Fareportal. For Procurement, my squads in New York and India manage the purchases of all our third party spend for things such as IT software, hard ware, and anything needed by individual departments. This ensures Fareportal receives the best value possible. For Real Estate, my role is to work with local management squads to make sure we follow the necessary steps to establish any new or renewing location. Facilities Management and Administration makes sure everyone’s work environment is functional, safe, and clean. Physical Security and Transportation is a new role for my tribe and it solely operates in our India offices.

What are your Q4 plans and 2018 goals?

Each of my squads has a set of local and global goals. Our main objective is to work closely with each of our business partners and aid them in business process optimization, leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage, and using best procurement practices to deliver lower costs resulting in improved operational effectiveness. Some highlights include:

– Completion of renovations at our New York City headquarters. The main lobby, six conference rooms, and our main kitchen area were completely redone and more than one hundred workstations were replaced.
– The initial build out of our new Tech and Marketing center in Gurgaon to accommodate 480+ employees is underway. This new center will be one of the premier office spaces in Gurgaon and contains foundation concepts and designs to be used in our future office locations.
– Prospecting locations globally for future office space as well as beginning the planning of the future of our New York City office.
– The completion of several key refurbishment project in buildings 364 & 365 in Gurgaon.
The upgrades include the replacement of all fabric on the workstations, painting and tiling in various indoor and outdoor areas, and an overhaul of our entire air conditioning capacity.

What do you like about Fareportal? 

Some people say it’s about my daily bag of potato chips and Iced Tea Snapple. But what I really enjoy about Fareportal are the employees who are so committed to making our company successful. In my experience, Fareportal is a unique organization because they provide all employees an opportunity to display their leadership skills on a daily basis. They have access to all levels of the organization and the company’s forward approach in recognizing individuals and squads who achieve positive results is amazing.

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities that you’d like to share with the Fareportal family? 

In my spare time, I enjoy working on various home improvement projects or just hanging out with our extended family. Each weekend during the summer you are guaranteed to find me either carrying around some sort of tool trying to fix something or simply relaxing in the back yard listening to music, and probably enjoying a beverage.