Uniting People

OUR MISSION Uniting People & Places Across the Planet

Our story goes back to the early 90’s, beginning with initial work to automate and digitize travel ticket purchases through our founder, Sam S. Jain’s first company, FareBuzz. From the creation of Fareportal in 2003, and through the present day, our company has played a leading role in the advancement of the technologies supporting air travel.

Along the way Fareportal has become the 2nd largest seller of airline tickets in the USA, and a global organization with employees in 5 countries and a customer base that spans the globe.

One of the foundational elements of Fareportal are the standards for success known as The Leadership Principles. People Development, Passion for Customers, Ownership & Accountability, Teamwork & Collaboration, Servant Leadership, Fast Execution and Continuous Improvement are the principles on which our success as an organization depends.

Read on to learn more about Fareportal and the many opportunities for career satisfaction and success that we have to offer.